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Vacation Part 1 | Blog

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Hello my lovelies! I know it's been a while after I went to vacation but I honestly wanted to share it all with you so after a bit of writing I feel like I have managed to get down the words to describe my holiday and hopefully it will shed some light on how a vacation in Sweden could be for you or help plan your next destination!

Day one:

We started off by driving from Gothenburg to Jönköping, I have been here before but only briefly so I have never gotten the chance to enjoy the town before and I am certainly happy we took the time. Not only did it exceed or expectations it also made me question my current place of living. I love my city but there was something so genuine and serene in this town I haven't felt in a long time.

I found myself saying numerous times "we should move here". Jönköping is beautiful,

the people warm and welcoming and the food equally as delicious.

We begun our day there with a walk along the beach, it extended long and had a beautiful sand beach. The weather on our side with the sun shining, people swimming, tanning and enjoying their day. Vätterstranden was a sight I won't forget.

As we kept walking we sound a dock with a couple of restaurants and unfortunately they

were all seafood themed which meant we had to search a bit more but at this time we both could settle for a good "fika". We walked past what seemed to be the main square

and I had checked for a coffee shop that should have vegan but it was unfortunately closed.

If you have the chance the place is called Kafé Braheparken we however ended up at the

place next door Bernards Konditori and they had a few vegan options which lightened my spirit. We placed our order and my significant other made a very suiting "that's what she said" joke at the waitress comment and we all had a good laugh. I had myself a lovely banana cake with raspberries and an oatmeal cookie, loved it.

After our "fika" we went to the first museums of many in this lovely town which was

John Bauer museum. This museum doesn't have an entrance fee and have a collection of over a thousand works of art so if you enjoy art as much as I do you will love this.

We even ended up goofing up here with some of the costumes they had there. This museum isn't very large however I would say you'd end up spending around an hour here.

This was all within walking distance from the parking we took near Vätterstranden but up

next we wanted to visit the Husqvarna museum so we took the car and drove there. They

have a convenient parking right next to it. It was honestly interesting to take a walk I there looking at the development of products throughout the years and how success varies

a lot whilst moving forward. I learnt a lot about Swedish history I had never thought

twice on before.

After this we had a walk to a little town nearby called Smedbyn which essentially was a

smithing town back in the late 1700's and now they have a few shops with handicraft items. It was really quiet when we walked around which is under stable as it was late afternoon but nonetheless it was incredibly cosy. We also took a walk up a hill at a viewpoint which had an overlook of Jönköping, we sat down and enjoyed the view and the many grasshoppers that were incredibly active around us.

As we were spending one night here we drove the car back to the hotel we were staying at which was very nicely located in the centre of town which gave us easy access to many things. We had booked at Comfort Hotel, it is a perfectly good hotel for a short visit all we did was sleep and have breakfast here. The hotel isn't something of a new experience if you have ever slept in hotel before you know what I mean when I say it feels like a hotel. They do however provide parking for a fee. We checked in and set our bags in our room and after some intense search for vegan food we decided for an Indian restaurant which was very close by.

We took a walk there to Indiska köket which means Indian kitchen and we were greeted by a very lovely waitress that sat us outside in the lovely weather. They had a menu which had a special on 3 courses at 330kr and we decided for that and they had vegan options for all courses which made me very happy. We sat, enjoyed drinks and conversed about our day so far. The food came and went and the service was fantastic.

I loved every minute of it, highly recommend.

After a fantastic meal we decided to take a walk around the park nearby, a Pokemon walk in fact. My significant other has a great sense of location which I lack so walking around whilst catching Pokemon and every now and again taking a moment to enjoy the area is made so much more easy due to this. We walked until the sun had set and then made our way back to the hotel for a good night sleep.

Day two:

The next day we got up bright and early to get ready for the day with some breakfast, the hotel had a few options for vegans which was nice and once we were done we made our way to the matchstick museum. I was honestly so pleasantly surprised with this museum we had this as a maybe visit for Jönköping and it ended up being our favourite, they had monitors explaining how some of the machines worked, a film you could watch and crafting areas so you could try packaging some matchsticks and most of all the knowledge you'd learn whilst here. I had no idea that safety matches where created here and the cost of peoples health due to the making of matches. I highly recommend a visit here.

We also visit a little shop nearby called Bikupan which sell raw food and you can by loads of legumes, seeds and such in lose weight here. I honestly want more options like these available where I live. If you have time I'd recommend having a browse in this shop. We went back to the hotel and got our luggage and checked out, next stop on our list was Gränna and Visingsö and after another scenic drive along gorgeous water we finally arrived in the town square of Gränna.

We took a walk around looking for a place to have lunch and we found Amalias Café & Bistro we were welcomed with a big smile and small talk and were informed that they had a vegan burger available and a salad buffet that we could eat from as well. We sat on the outside in the lovely weather we had been granted so far and enjoyed the fresh air and atmosphere. The food arrived and it was delicious and combined with the beauty that is Gränna I felt perfectly content.

After lunch we took a walk the streets have plenty of small shops but what Gränna is mostly know for are their candy canes "polkagrisar". In some of these shops you can even watch the staff make the candy which I find fascinating. These shops have an very old fashioned feel about them and it really compliments the surrounding area. I feel it brings you back to a time where things were very different. As we were exploring we passed a shop which caught my eye a shop named Oathill. As I entered I noted the shop had various vegan skincare items and as many of you know I have been vegan for 5 months now and I am still learning. I had not heard of this brand before, Yope is the name and I ended up purchasing a body butter and shower gel. I was so happy to stumble across this! A shop worth checking out.

From Gränna you can buy tickets to travel the ferry to Visingsö, it's a beautiful island with ruins and farmland. We took the ferry over and decided to hire a tandem bike as Visningsö is rather large and going by foot will take a few hours. I haven't been biking since I was younger, last I attempted it I got on my cousin's bike while drunk and that ended with me tumbling over.

I felt such immense joy and harmony being on the bike with my love, enjoying the company and the scenery while we made our way to the first ruin. Waving at strangers, watching farmers cut wheat and people enjoying their yard. I haven't felt that kind of joy since I lived on the countryside when I was a child, that feeling of a completely worry free mind. We arrived at Näs castle ruins and explored the ruin, most of it has fallen into the water so there isn't much to see but it is beautiful in the state it has been left.

We then continued to Visingsborgs castle ruins and while biking we lost track a little bit which ended up in loads of goofs, laughs and back tracking. We eventually found our way and had a rather quick tour of the castle ruins mostly because we didn't time manage well enough and we needed to be on the next ferry back. Spoiler we made it back in time.

Now we were off to our next destination so off to the car we popped! We where going to spend the night in a lovely place called Vadstena. It was late when we arrived to Vadstena Klosterhotel where we were staying, we went to the reception and got our keys and the hotel is divided into different buildings which was very interesting. The overall theme of the hotel goes hand in hand with the nearby castle in Vadstena which really adds to the stay. We unloaded our bags and quickly headed out in search of dinner as the kitchens tend to close around 21.00.

We went to the restaurant that the receptionist suggested which was Borgmestaren as we entered we asked whether they still served food and the host chuckled and said the kitchen closes at nine and we were there just a few minutes before and being decent people we nodded and said we would check elsewhere but we were asked to wait.

The host went into the kitchen and said they of course would make us some food. Honestly the kindest gesture, it meant loads as we were starving.

I had my second vegan burger of the day but this time a beetroot burger instead of a vegan pulled pork. It was delicious and the fries crunchy and thick. We had such a lovely experience the neighbouring table engaged in conversation with us and the host not only incredibly friendly he had his quirks which added to the charm. After a delicious dinner we wanted to leave a tip but was denied and the host said we can send a Christmas card. I have a note by my computer so we wont forget to send him one.

We took an evening stroll and one street had chalk drawings and it looked great as a contrast to the dark evening and the encouraging words written really set the mood. The further we walked we found ourselves walking near water watching the glittering waves and we followed until we reached Vadstena castle which we planned to visit the next day. It looked so hauntingly beautiful during the night and we were looking forward to visit it.

Day three:

After a good nights sleep we begun our day with a hotel breakfast and they had a few vegan options and that is always a pleasant surprise. Before our visit to Vadstena castle we actually wanted to visit the toy museum as well which is located at Hotel Slottsgården. The museum wasn't very large but they did have loads of old toys and the thing that still fascinates me are the old husqvarna cast-iron ovens for children, that is quality I didn't realize children's toys would come in.

We made our way to the castle and lucky for us we made it in time for them to open the top floor which we didn't realize was a scheduled event but we were glad we made it. We walked around, read the history of each room and if you are anything like myself I try to place myself back then imagining how it might have been like, felt like. It can sometimes feel unreal how things used to be compared to how they are now which is probably why I am drawn to older buildings. We spent a few hours exploring the castle and then we had a walk around Vadstena during daytime I actually wanted to have a guided tour at the Mårtens Skinnares mental hospital but they only have those tours during certain times a year.

So we walked there and had a look at the buildings from the outside and read a few of the plaques to get a general knowledge of the mental hospital before checking out the hotel to journey to our next stay which would be Södertälje. I will speak on that on my Wednesday video and on Friday I will blog the rest of our vacation which we spent in Stockholm.

See you all on Wednesday!

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