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Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Happy Friday my lovelies! Today we will venture off to Stockholm and the remaining days we spent here on our vacation. After our very long and exciting day at Tom Tits experiment we travelled to Stockholm where we would be staying at Hobo hotel and upon arrival we couldn't help but notice how beautiful this hotel looks. It has a very unique style. Unfortunately they didn't have parking available so we parked in the Mall nearby which ended up being pricey but convenient as it was very close to the hotel.

After we checked in we wanted to dine as we had only had lunch that day and we settled on checking with the hotel's restaurant and asked whether they had any vegan options which they didn't on the menu however the waitress checked with the head chef to see whether they could adjust anything for my dietary needs and he could which was such a weight of my chest. I was tired and hungry and looking forward to some food and a good night's sleep.

We were seated and after placing our order we talked about our day. We are both very young at heart we love the childish things in life and we have had such a fun and goofy day. As some of you might know my significant other is an omnivore, we both were when we met and my lifestyle choice is my own and I won't ever force it on anyone else. I feel that enlightening people on the subject and keeping an open and honest dialogue works better. He accepts my choice and is being considerate about it at first he wasn't but when he realised how much it meant to me and that I was being serious he changed his tune.

We were served our food and it was incredible I enjoyed every bite of this dish the plate had fried onions, seaweed caviar, oatly cream, red onions, dill and gooseberries. Once we finished our dish our waitress came by the table to clean up and she happily told us that the chef said he can make a vegan dessert if I would like and I happily accepted and they could even make me a vegan cappuccino. The service at this hotel was phenomenal.

Day five:

After a fantastic nights sleep we got ourselves ready for the day and headed down for breakfast, I asked the staff about the vegan options and this was the first hotel that had plenty of options for breakfast which made it feel like a proper hotel breakfast normally feels when you aren't vegan. Their chia pudding, porridge, hummus and vegan bread was delicious and they had oatly milk so I could start my day up with a warm cup of coffee.

Today we went to a lovely place called Sigtuna and it is such a idyllic town, it has many ruins and rune stones which from what we learnt had a connection to the pagan town of Birka where we meant to travel to during the weekend. We had a walk around the area and noticed a ruin nearby and that's where we started exploring, it had a beautiful garden and a church nearby. I am by no means a religious person but I do find churches incredible they really are a centrepiece anywhere. We entered the nearby one and you can light candles for loved ones you've lost and at that time we both shared the same thought and wanted to light a few candles for our grandparents may they rest in peace.

We had a stroll around the shopping streets and found ourselves in a few shops with handmade items as well as plenty of candy shops. One of them that caught my significant other's eye was a store that sold American grocery items and here Sweden we don't very often see typical American food so it was loads of fun exploring this shop. Obviously window shopping for food made us crave lunch. We made our way further down the street to a small coffee place and I had a lovely vegan slice of bread with broccoli at RC Chocolat along with a vegan late.

The weather kept going strong with beautiful sunny days and we took a walk around the area enjoying the scenery and I kept thinking to myself how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such a beautiful country and also live in it. We haven't had much planned for the day but my significant other suggested we went to the mall near here which apparently is enormous so we set course for the mall.

I had never been to Mall of Scandinavia before however both my brother and my love have been and they have spoken about it and you can't really comprehend just how large this mall is until you visit it yourself. It's honestly mind blowing however we only ended up window shopping but it was interesting to explore some of the shops we don't have in Gothenburg and I am struggling very much with large crowds of people due to my anxiety and had many times during our vacation had to take additional medication to cope with the situation so stressing in shops isn't on the top of my list but I do want to make the most of our vacation. We did end up dining here at BIM which is a restaurant that is very focused on healthy food and I was able to order myself some Asian inspired

vegan food.

We decided to head back to our hotel and freshen up before having a walk in gamla stan. The street was full of life and loads of people buying souvenirs, Belgian waffles, ice cream and much more. It was rather late in the evening at this point so a few of the shops we found curious were closed so we kept them in our mind for the next time we come visit before our vacation comes to an end. I really enjoyed the narrow alleyways in Stockholm, it really gave a mysterious feel to the city and definitely made you realize just how large this city really is.

Day six:

Today we went up bright and early because we wanted to visit pagan island Birka and to do that you had to either pre book tickets or stand in line to buy a ticket to get on the ferry that travels there. After a nutritious breakfast we head out to make sure we were by the ferry a good half and hour before it leaves the harbour however whilst standing in line the staff informs us that the ferry that normally takes this route has broken down so they will be using a smaller ferry which meant that only the ones who had booked could go. We decided to ask about the following morning and said the tickets were sold

out. Bummer...

We head back to the hotel to drop off our backpack as we didn't require it any more and despite the staff saying the ferry was fully booked my significant other decided to check how much truth there was to that and behold - there was tickets for the next day so we booked two for the Sunday and decided we should go to the Vasa museum today instead so we took a walk there in the wonderful sun.

The surrounding area was stunning and the outside of the museum was incredible and once entering we would see why. This massive ship kept in the dark and a much cooler temperature to what would be usual in any building normally is to keep the ship in an environment it can be sustained in the condition it needs to be in. It was fascinating looking at the detailing of the ship, what is left of not only the ship but the people involved.

Half way into exploring the museum we were both feeling ready for lunch so we decided to check the restaurant at Vasa and they had an very interesting vegan dish which I was eager to try. I was served a plate of oven roasted red cabbage, sliced apple, apple sauce and greens, it was delicious and I honestly want to recreate this dish at some point. I also had a bottle of apple juice that had been made from fruit saved which means the "ugly" fruit that usually don't make it to the shops and it was equally as delicious.

Once we had finished exploring the Vasa museum we took a walk around the nearby area absorbing the beauty of Stockholm and we have been walking so much during this vacation it ended up surprising us a bit but more on that later on. We walked back to gamla stan to pop into the shops we found curious and I really wanted to take a look in the liquorice shop "lakrits roten" but I do enjoy liquorice immensely and they had a few vegan options which made me incredibly happy. My loved one also bought some Belgian waffles, I might not have mentioned this but he is a Belgian so this made him feel right at home.

We also walked to stortorget which is such a beautiful square with a rather morbid history which I vaguely recall from school but it was re freshened on our last day here in Stockholm but for now it was full of life, music and a wonderful atmosphere. We walked around for a bit as it was getting closer to dinner we kept an eye open for a place to eat and a place that crossed our path was Texas longhorn and I could see on my significant other that he was craving it and we have after all kept my food needs in mind every time we ate and I said lets look at the menu maybe they have vegan, maybe restaurants are picking up on the demand so you never know and they had a vegan burger.

I normally wouldn't go for Texas longhorn and my love even said it was okay to go elsewhere but honestly I don't want my needs to be the only one considered and we had dinner there and the burger was in fact very good. We had a lovely time conversing and I mentioned something that caught my eye while we were having a walk which was the Ghost tour and that I was curious to book us on that after our Birka visit if we still had time. It is a history tour of Stockholm and it's morbid past from what I understood and those topics fascinates me.

Day seven:

Attempt number two, we're up bright and early once more getting ready for our day, breakfast in our stomachs and off we wander to the ferry. We had a minor worry that perhaps they hadn't updated the website and we bought seats that weren't available and luckily we could take a breath of relief as we got on with our booking and we of course took seats on the top deck so we could enjoy the view. We have had sun the entire time whilst on our vacation it was truly wonderful. The ferry ride takes two hours one way and we did worry that it might become a bit dull after a while but it honestly didn't. The view was incredible and the staff told stories about some of the areas we were passing which really built up the expectation of our guided tour.

Once we docked the ferry and we all got off we were free to walk around but got informed when the guided tours start and where we can find the museum and restaurants. The first guided tour was the English one which we took as my significant other's grasp on Swedish isn't that good. We got greeted by this wonderful man all dressed the part as an pagan man and very charismatic which made it easy to listen to him explain the history of Birka and what we were looking at while we were walking the


It's fun to learn the misconceptions about Swedish history and how the word Viking was created by people to explain folk who travelled by boat but not all who did that were pagans and Vikings never had horned helmets. We learnt so many new things and I find it fascinating to walk where other walked so many years ago and to know that perhaps Sweden was already more gender equal back then but digressed due to Christianity arrival. After our tour we head to the restaurant for lunch and the restaurant kept the pagan theme along with the staff being dressed up and they had vegan on the menu which made me happy. I had brought snacks in case they didn't and the meal was very

fresh and flavoursome.

While on our way back on the ferry I checked with my loved one if he felt up for the Ghost tour because I would love to book it. He said yes because he knows how much it would mean to me as the topic isn't really his cup of tea. I booked the tickets and we chilled on the upper deck until some grey clouds begun rolling in, it appears our luck had changed but I will admit that it will set the right mood for the Ghost tour. We unfortunately had to make it inside as it started raining so heavily and the waves were splashing extremely high.

The start of the tour begun at stortorget and we made our way there after a quick freshening up at the hotel. We stood next to the building of the street we were told to meet up at and we kept scanning the area trying to figure out who was our guide. We saw a few other confused people and my loved one hinted that maybe this was a fraud and we were scammed on money which I assured him that trip advisor would have me know isn't the case.

The tour was supposed to begin ten minutes ago and we were all getting worried and then from the hill a man approached dressed in a black trench coat and a top hat. He was in character asking each of us to confirm we had booked the tour and then it begun! He walked in a rapid pace not waiting for us to catch up and once he stopped we all waited in anticipation and he told us stories from old mixed with a morbid sense of humour and pulling us in at random to aid in the tour. It was so engaging, fun and exciting and I highly recommend booking a Ghost tour if you ever have the chance. It was definitely one of the top things we went to while on holiday the host was fantastic his name is Lewis.

After that haunting guided tour with rain pouring we made our way to a restaurant I had been curious about which is named Magnolia. We walked in the rain sharing an umbrella and this cosy restaurant had outdoors seats with cover and outdoor heating so we of course wanted to sit outside. The waitress was super sweet and their vegan options were great I have barely had desserts during our vacation due to the lack of availability of vegan desserts but this wonderful place had a three course menu with a coconut panna cotta. I loved everything I had here, the food, service and cosy feel whilst the rain came pouring down.

This was our last day here and it ended on a perfect note. Thank you for joining me on my vacation I love having you all along while I journey through life. Feel free to share your journeys in the comments if you'd like.

Until next week have a fantastic weekend my lovelies!

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