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Vanilla cream & berry puff pastry | Vegan-Gluten free | New Year

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2021

Happy Friday my lovelies! I want to begin by thanking all of you for all the love and support I have received throughout this year and that all of you have been along for my journey so far it honestly means the world to me and to finish of this year I wanted to share simpler dessert to make and don't we all love a simpler recipe especially when we are spending a lot of time in the kitchen during these wonderful Holidays. So as it's the end of 2019 let's invite the next year with ease, contentment and joy. I will begin my year with a 2-3 week break from my regular content as if I have learnt anything this year it is to listen to my body until then I wish you all a Happy New Year and a good continuation!

What you need:

2 packet vegan puff pastry

150g various berries

3 dl (1,2 cups) vanilla cream

Begin with making the vanilla cream, I have made this before and you can find the recipe here. Allow it to cool while we get onto the next step.

Preheat the oven to 200℃ (390℉) or what your packet instructs.

Roll out the puff pastry and begin slicing it into 5x5 cm squares and in order to get some more height to the pastries I stack four squares on top of another and place them onto a baking sheet on a tray and pop into the oven for 20 minutes or what your packet instructs.

Once they are done allow them to cool and then add the vanilla cream into a pipping bag and pipe the cream into the top-centre of the puff pastry and allow it to overflow a little.

Top it off with some various berries and it's ready to serve!

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