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Hello my lovelies and welcome to my Friday blog! Let's share, let's connect, let's gooo!

Going back to my previous blog about picking up drawing I did eventually end up picking a few that I wanted to work on and once I had a few different sketches drawn I went through them and had a feel of which ones I felt suited my website and after the selection I scanned the drawings to my PC and opened them up on Photoshop. (I am not sponsored)

With my editing program I can easily work with layers and colours adding a similar vibe

across the icons. The icons I was working on would be my blog icon, collab, content,

ingredients, camera, nutrients, social media, recipes, connect with me and quotes.

My first attempt felt okay but not quite right but for now this is where I am at with the

icons and I will work on them more once I find more inspiration.

Love you my Shadefooders.

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